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Jungian Psychiatry

Heinrich Karl Fierz

Daimon Verlag
C.G. Jung spent the first ten years of his career working in a psychiatric clinic, an experience that had a powerful influence on his lifelong endeavors. Now the psychiatric-analytic observations of a highly respected Jungian, the Swiss Heinrich Fierz, who devoted his life to psychiatry, are available in English at last. Jungian Psychiatry is rich with the insights of a rare therapist and teacher in the world of the psychiatric clinic.
Author Bio
Heinrich Karl Fierz worked as a psychiatrist at the famed Binswanger Clinic, Sanatorium Bellevue, for many years before co-founding the Jungian Klinik am Zürichberg in 1964, where he was medical director until his recent death. A son of one of the first Jungian analysts, Linda Fierz-David, he also became a training analyst and lecturer at the Jung Institute in Zürich. His sensitive and innovative contributions to the realm of psychiatry are well known in the German-speaking world; Jungian Psychiatry is the first major publication of his work in English.