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Technology of Catalytic Oxidations 2 Volumes

Philippe Arpentinier Fabrizio Cavani

848 pages
Editions Technip
Volume 1 covers the most important technological aspects of the use of molecular oxygen for catalytic oxidation reactions.Volume 2 addresses the safety issues associated with the use of oxygen in catalytic oxidation reactions.Contents Vol. 1: 1. Introduction. 2. Chemical-physical properties of molecular oxygen. 3. Oxygen production technologies. 4. Chemical fundamentals of oxidation reactions. 5. Reactor technologies for multiphase systems. 6. Liquid phase oxidations. 7. Gas phase selective oxidations. 8. Selective oxidation of paraffins. References. Index. Vol. 2: 9. Introduction to safety problems in the chemical industry. 10. Chemical aspects of combustion in the gaseous phase. 11. Homogeneous chemical explosions: autoignition or spontaneous ignition. 12. Deflagration or propagation of flame. 13. Conditions governing flame propagation capability. 14. Detonation in the gaseous phase. 15. Prevention of and protection against explosions. References. Index.