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Fuels & Engines Vol 2

Jean-Claude Guibet

448 pages
Editions Technip
This book describes in extensive detail the new technologies that are currently in use or under development, which are designed to provide high-quality fuels and ensure their optimal use in the engines used to power automobiles, trucks, aircraft, and ships. All types of fuels are covered: gasolines, diesel fuels, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, biofuels, jet fuels, heavy fuels, and fuels for special uses. The evaluation criteria include vehicle performance and driveability, reduction in fossil fuel consumption, and environmental protection. The specific situations encountered in each region of the world (including the United States, Europe, Japan and the developing countries) are analyzed and compared, with a focus on energy, economics and politics. This book is a scientific work, yet easy to read; it is objective, yet actively involved. It is thus an excellent reference work for those seeking pertinent, reliable and comprehensive information on the the subject of fuels and engines.Volume 1Contents: 1. Physical properties and chemical characteristics of fuels. 2. Refining technologies. 3. Gasoline. 4. Diesel fuelVolume 2Contents: 5. Fuels, fuel consumption and environmental protection. 6. Alternatice fuels. 7. Special Fuels. 8. The Fuels and engines of tomorrow.
Author Bio
Jean-Claude Guibet holds a Ph.D. in science from the University of Louvain and an engineering degree from the IFP School, where he is a Professor. He is also Fuels Coordinator at the Institute Français du Pétrole (IFP).He has over 30 years of experience in science and technology research, including project management and expertise in conventional and alternative fuels, engine combustion and automotive pollution. He is the author or co-author of ten major works and summary documents, along with some one hundred scientific publications dealing with fuels and engines.