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Industrial Energy Management

Victor Kaiser

119 pages
Editions Technip
This monograph presents the tools available for the follow-up and the analysis of the energy input to the refining and petrochemicals industries. This book is written for the practicing engineer in industry and for the postgraduate students.Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. Process energy analysis. 2.1. Energy data. 2.2. The enthalpy balance. 2.3. Energy accounting. 2.4. Specific energy input. 2.5. Utility and energy costs. 3. The process performance analysis. 3.1. Basics of exergy. 3.2. Computing exergy values. 3.3. Flow sheet exergy balances. 3.4. Structural analysis. 3.5. Economic analysis. 4. Process scheme synthesis. 4.1. Separation sequences by distillation. 4.2. Heat exchange networks. References.