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I Want to Connect

How to Rewire Your Nervous System for Stress Resilience and Secure Attachment

200 pages
Bridge City Books

The nervous system is at the core of how we experience life, yet we still don’t know how to navigate this complex terrain between body and mind.

Many of us inhabit this modern industrialized world with too much stress and not enough opportunities to rest. This leaves us anxious and overwhelmed, depressed and sullen, or just plain overwhelmed. It also takes a toll on our physical health, manifesting as headaches, poor sleep, or a weakened immune system.
In I Want to Connect, a follow-up to the popular The Attachment Theory Workbook, expert relationship therapist Annie Chen explores how your nervous systems directly impacts your relationships with others—and with yourself. Blending together elements of polyvagal theory, somatic practice, and self-help relationship skills, this new workbook addresses a range of issues through a central connecting point: that nervous system stress contributes to both physical and mental illness, directly impacting relationship dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

With the tools inside, you’ll learn how to:
• Understand whether your nervous system at baseline is regulated, under-resourced, or dysregulated
• Strengthen and balance your nervous system in ways that support physical and mental health
• Soothe your own frazzled nerves so you can provide support to loved ones in difficult times
• Reduce attachment stress and other forms of stress triggered by relationships
• Develop stress resilience and create more empathetic connections with others

Author Bio

Annie Chen, LMFT, currently runs a solo private practice where she counsels individuals and couples on all matters related to their relationships. She also helps train other therapists in a couples therapy modality called PACT and participates on a research team to study and publish the model’s outcome data. She have two masters degrees in counseling as well as a published title, The Attachment Theory Workbook, which was published in 2019 and currently has over 2,500 reviews on Amazon.