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Bone Tree

What Lies Beneath May Be More Than Friendship

188 pages
The Little Press

Praise for Jenna Lehne's Bone Tree:

"Bone Tree is a fast-paced spookfest, and an authentic, heartfelt story about friendship and grief."- Sarah Cannon, Author of spooky middle-grade novels including Twist & Oddity.

"A funny, heartbreaking, and genuinely scary read, Roman and Elsie are a great example of friendship that endures to the end --- and beyond." - Shari Simpson, Author of The Sleepwalkers series with Disney/Hyperion.

Elsie battles a terrifying ghost to keep her best friend around forever. But does forever have too much of a cost? Elsie's best friend, Roman, is dying. But Roman has a plan to escape death. He wants to be resurrected through the powers of the Bone Tree and the curse of the Woman in White, Mary Simon, whose body lies beneath the tree. Terrified, yet determined not to lose him. Elsie promises Roman to summon Mary's ghost and the powers of the Bone Tree to bring him back when he dies. When the Bone Tree's magic works and Roman resurrects, Elsie vows to do anything to keep him around, even if that means battling an angry, screeching banshee, with talons for fingers. But what Elsie doesn't realize is that the cost of keeping Roman around may be too high. When the Woman in White kidnaps Roman's brother, Jake, and threatens to take his life as revenge, Elsie must choose between saving the lives of many from the deadly grasp of Mary Simon, the Woman in White, or keeping her best friend.

Author Bio
She graduated from a state university with a bachelor's degree in graphic design. She is represented by Lemonade Illustration Agency where she works with book publishers around the world and creates brand characters for federal companies. Her primary inspiration is her family and nature. She believes books of magic!Jenna Lehne is a tea-sipping, horror-loving mom of two boys, and a kitten named Lemons, in Calgary, Alberta. She's a fourth-year Pitch Wars mentor and contributor on the blog MidnightSocietyTales.com. Her short story was published in the horror anthology, Betty Bites Back. Bone Tree is her debut middle-grade novel.