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I Have to Poop!

And Other Important Phrases in Over 85 Languages

328 pages
Bushel & Peck Books

I Have to Poop! is the hilarious book that gets you speaking over 85 languages like Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Punjabi, Swedish, and Luxembourgish (yep, that's a thing) with essential phrases like:

  • "Inconceivable!"
  • "Is that peg leg a rental?"
  • "I do not like green eggs and ham."
  • "I'm sure these screws aren't important."
  • "Fly, you fools!" and many more.

A delicious introduction to the world's most common (and uncommon) languages, I Have to Poop! delivers smarts and fun for hours on end-no toilet paper required!

From the introduction:

At the onset, let us frankly admit a few things this book is not. It is not a travel guide-unless you regularly find yourself breaking toilet plungers and walking to Mordor on your travels. And though we've done our best, we can't claim it's especially accurate. Translation is a ticklish business even at the best of times, so be generous as you peruse the pages and remember that this particular bookish experience is more about breadth than it is linguistic depth. But with that in mind, there are several other things this book is. It's quirky. It's fat. And it's a thoroughly entertaining introduction to the many languages spoken around the world.