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Merciless & Unpredictable

A McSweeney's Guide to Parenting

Mcsweeney's Literary Arts Fund
McSweeney’s editors combed the archives and have commissioned the very best humor writers to help us build the ultimate guide to surviving parenthood. Maybe you’re searching for self-care tips for your toddler, or trying to decipher remote learning tutorial emails from your middle schooler’s principal. Maybe you're wondering, Am I the Worst Possible Parent? Could be, but you won't know until your child starts writing confessional poetry. In the meantime, let McSweeney’s humorists guide you every step of the way, from in vitro to empty nest. This anthology will feature some of our most-popular parenting humor pieces from McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and loads of all-new advice, musings, and more in our trademark cutting and satirical voice. An essential gift for parents, be they rookies or seasoned vets, aspiring helicopter moms or disaffected soccer dads, or anyone who needs something to read while hiding in the bathroom for some “me” time.