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The Lights and Types of Ships at Night

Dave Eggers Annie Dills

32 pages
Mcsweeney's Literary Arts Fund
You may have heard of ships. You may have also heard of the sea and the night. But did you realize there's nothing more beautiful than a ship and its lights on the sea at night? In warm and witty prose, this picture book's narrator asks the reader to consider the splendor of glowing lights cast by ships on a shimmering waterway. Meet a trawler, a steamship, a RoRo, an exploratory vessel and more across richly illustrated pages, alive with the glowy, otherworldly nighttime scenes of boats as seen from a child's perspective.
Author Bio
Dave Eggers is the award-winning author of many books for children and adults. He's the co-founder of 826 Valencia, a youth writing and tutoring center in San Francisco which has inspired dozens of youth writing centers worldwide.

Annie Dills is an illustrator and designer from the Bay Area. When she's not working she's petting her large orange cat and then feverishly lint rolling her clothes.