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Dear McSweeney's

Two Decades of Letters to the Editor from Writers, Readers, and the Occasional Bewildered Consumer

Daniel Levin Becker Jonathan Lethem Hanif Abdurraqib Sarah Vowell Jenny Odell Simon Rich R.O. Kwon

280 pages
Mcsweeney's Literary Arts Fund
McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern has been printing issues since 1998, and sending them into the world with reckless faith. Now and then, the world writes back. In two decades and change, we’ve accumulated a heady archive of dispatches, pleas, confessions, treatises, ruminations, rants, raves, and the occasional misdirected customer service query. Collected here are one hundred installments from this sprawling many-to-one correspondence, including but not limited to musings on moths and mummies and macaroons, cats and armadillos and homicidal sea worms, and the arcana of Jerry Lewis’s acting career. By turns poignant and absurd, these letters are a sparkling glimpse into the strange and unforgettable lives of McSweeney’s readers.

Featuring letters by Sarah Vowell, Brandon Hobson, R.O. Kown, Jonathan Lethem, Jenny Odell, Hanif Abdurraqib, Julie Klausner, Thao Nguyen, Ana Marie Cox, Jason Polan, and dozens more.
Author Bio
Daniel Levin Becker is a translator, Oulipian, and senior editor at McSweeney's.