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Cayman Islands Trivia


EK Jasmine

138 pages
CLM Publishing

This compact Cayman Islands Trivia helps you to discover the Cayman Islands' history, places of interest and fun-facts from as early as 1503.

The questions in this book make information about the Cayman Islands both easy and fun. They are asked in a variety of ways: true/false, fill in the blanks, sentence completion, and the answers, all of which are supported by references, and are thoroughly researched.

The questions are simply put, but deep-rooted. It is entertaining and educational. Quiz yourself on how much you know. You will be surprised. Sometimes, all you need is a reminder of the things you know but might have forgotten.

Author Bio

EK Jasmine is the pseudonym for Karen E. Chin, the creator and managing editor of Christian Lifestyle Magazine - a family-based publication in the Cayman Islands for the past ten years. She is also the CEO of CLM Publishing and has moonlighted as a radio presenter, for over 18 years.

She is married and lives in the Cayman Islands with her husband Victor, and is the mother of two children, Mikhail and Krystyna. Has written several books including the Cayman Islands A-Z, Unlocking the Prayer of Jabez, Three Parrots on a Lime, Before Evil Walks and Infiltrate.