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Alphabet Island

Deborah Kern Kate Ure

36 pages
CLM Publishing

While raising two “island babies,” whose first words were inspired by their tropical surroundings, the idea for Alphabet Island was born. While most children's vocabulary books reflect objects seen in northern climates, Alphabet Island honors the learning experience of children living on an island or traveling to one of Earth's treasured paradises.

Then, in September 2017, Mother Nature gave this book a deeper purpose.

Hurricane Irma was the most significant documented hurricane with the most widespread devastation in history. Irma, along with her hurricane sidekick Hurricane Maria, destroyed the livelihood of so many vulnerable island inhabitants. Entire families dislocated from everything they own in pursuit of their safety. Others stayed in their homes to brave the storms yet not all lived to tell about it. While entire communities mourned, homes, businesses, landscapes, and artifacts from these vibrant cultures washed away with the wind and rain.

As a fellow island resident, I saw the life-altering chaos happening to our island neighbors and knew how I could provide assistance. At the same time, through the images and words of this book, Deborah and I could remind the readers of the eclectic existence that makes island living so special.

Whether you live on an island, are a former island dweller, dream of living on an island, know someone who calls an island home, or favors island vacations, these beautiful destinations and their communities need your help.

50% of all profits from your purchase of Alphabet Island will be donated to assisting with the efforts to rebuild the cultures and wellbeing of those islanders affected by these natural disasters, especially the children.

Buy a book. Gift a book. Tell your friends and family about Alphabet Island. Email your colleagues. Share it on social media. Be a supportive part of the global village that helps restore paradise.

Author Bio

Kate Ure Spending the first three decades of her life in Michigan and then Chicago, Kate took a leap of faith to trade in her winter boots for flip-flops and became an island dweller in 2011. She currently lives on Grand Cayman with her husband, two young daughters, and 90lb Goldendoodle named Jackson.

In addition to writing her first children’s book, Kate founded the wellness company KURE where she combines her expertise as a certified life coach, yoga instructor, Ayurveda advocate, and former women’s health/obstetrics nurse educator. Her goal is to help women live “whole life” healthy.

You can learn more about Kate at KUREliving.com or connect with her at kate@KUREliving.com.

Deborah Kern Originally from Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom, Deborah studied Animation at Staffordshire University and did her Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) at Cambridge University. She has also lived in Washington D.C. and Naples, Italy before landing in the Cayman Islands in 2012, where she taught art at a public high school in Grand Cayman.

Deborah and her husband have a big, crazy dog called Stanley, and, in the summer of 2017, welcomed a baby girl. She is also 1/3 owner of a modern ceramic collective called 3 Girls and a Kiln (3GK) creating beautifully customized ceramic pieces for individuals, hotels, restaurants, and galleries.

You can take a look at what she has been up to at 3girlsandakiln.com or connect with her at 3girlsandakiln@gmail.com