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Farmer Tom

32 pages
Bookpress Publishing
Join Farmer Tom and his wife, Diane, on an adventure where they discover the animals, crops, and activities happening around their small farm. The author's style of lyrical, rhyming verse captures our imagination, while the light-hearted outdoor journey reminds us of the simple joy found in stepping away from our screens to appreciate connections with nature, animals, and ultimately, ourselves.
Author Bio
Diane Rasmussen was raised in the American Midwest, and always wanted to live on a farm. Instead, she made do with summer trips to relatives who lived on farms, spending hours exploring the great outdoors with her brothers, captivated by the animals, interesting buildings, and random curiosities of farm life. Over the years, Rasmussen put her vivid imagination to use by entertaining nieces and nephews with creative tales and adventures. Today, Rasmussen enjoys a peaceful life on a small hobby farm outside of Des Moines, Iowa, with her very own Farmer Tom. Their delightful, funny, and occasionally chaotic experiences in the countryside have inspired them to share their stories and green space with many friends and visitors, and now with the world through Diane’s writing.