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Glenn Sestig

Architecture Diary

368 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
Glenn Sestig, born in 1968 in Ghent, Belgium, graduated from the Henri Van De Velde institute in Antwerp and in 1999 established his practice. From the outset, his work focused on extreme precision, on a construction with such mastery of the architectural line, proportions and perspective that it is easy to forget the careful consideration that will have gone into his design and creation. In addition to the material and its interpretation, transparency and the play of reflection suggest rather than illustrate the endeavors that have resulted in the real grandeur of some projects, primarily places for public use.Glenn Sestig Architects is synonymous with contemporary elegance. Their work can be seen as monolithic and intuitive but always with a strong refined architectural identity. The cohesion or even clash between different exclusive and unique materials elevates this identity. Therefore the architect uses his own method of calculation, a sort of mental model from which flow the intelligence, equilibrium and soul of a place. Each completed work is considered as a minor work of art wherein art, fashion and music are essential sources of inspiration. The architecture is no longer a movement in time but becomes a declaration of a clear architectural vocabulary.
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Jean-Pierre Gabriel Working for three decades with the press on text writing and photography mainly in lifestyle, culinary, architecture and design magazines. In his articles and reviews he shares with us his travel- and food experiences gleaned during his compulsive travelling. His internationally published stories based on the knowledge of history, garden landscaping, food culture, and haute cuisine. His numerous press trips gave him the opportunity to meet the greatest Michelin-Starred chefs but he always also kept in contact with the local producers behind the products. Over 40 books have been published with his contribution as an author and/or photographer. Food, Gardens Art and Architecture are also here the three pillars of his publications. As for architecture and design, he contributed to various books for the Museums of Venice, and to books on prestigious houses and interior designs. Since 2009, six of his books have been awarded by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. Clémande Burgevin Blachman Designer and curator Clémande Burgevin Blachman literally grew up in one of Paris’s famous flea markets. Her parents had a stall selling antiques, and their nearby home was always filled with whatever objets and furnishings they couldn’t fit in the store. It was early, immersive training for a career that would take her first to creating a handbag collection and opening a design gallery to consulting for brands like Chanel and Berluti, and then working as vice president of design for Calvin Klein Home. That same honed eye, love of historical pieces, and aptitude for curation have brought her to one of Vancouver’s most ambitious new developments. Nick Vinson Nick Vinson runs Vinson&Co, a London-based bureau specialising in creative direction and delivering tailor-made projects to the luxury goods industry. Also known as Picky Nicky, he has contributed to Wallpaper* Magazine for the past 16 years and pens a monthly column entitled The Vinson View. He is also the design specialist for The Times Luxx.

Oscar Riera Ojeda is an editor and designer based in the US, China, and Argentina. Born in 1966, in Buenos Aires, he moved to the United States in 1990. Since then he has published over three hundred books, assembling a remarkable body of work notable for its thoroughness of content, timeless character, and sophisticated and innovative craftsmanship.

• Oscar Riera Ojeda’s books have been published by many pres- tigious publishing houses across the world, including Birkhäuser, Byggförlaget, The Monacelli Press, Gustavo Gili, Thames & Hudson, Rizzoli, Damiani, Page One, ORO editions, Whitney Library of Design, and Taschen.

• Oscar Riera Ojeda is also the creator of numerous architectural book series, including Ten Houses, Contemporary World Architects, The New American House and The New American Apartment, Architecture in Detail, and Single Building.

• His work has received many international awards, in-depth reviews, and citations. He is a regular contributor and consultant for several publications in the field.

• In 2001 Oscar Riera Ojeda founded ORO Editions company for which he was responsible of the completion of nearly one hundred titles. In 2008 he stablished his current publishing venture, Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers firm with fifteen employees and locations across three continents.