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Harry Seidler: The Exhibition

Organizing, Curating, Designing, and Producing a World Tour

Vladimir Belogolovsky

272 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
Vladimir Belogolovsky’s Harry Seidler: The Exhibition leaves no stone unturned in documenting his ongoing, four years in the making to date, world tour exhibition, Harry Seidler: Painting Toward Architecture. It examines the blurry boundaries between art and architecture and how these disciplines inspire one another by bringing to focus the work of Vienna-born Australian modernist Harry Seidler and his creative collaborations with a dozen of world-renowned architects and artists. Curator of 20 Seidler exhibitions and author of Harry Seidler: Lifework (Rizzoli, 2014), Belogolovsky provides detailed insights into the project from beginning to end: pitching initial exhibition idea to the client, developing its concept, arranging the tour, preparing the content, designing individual exhibitions, managing installations, presenting the lecture, initiating new collaborations and projects. The book’s focus on a single touring exhibition is unprecedented; it explores what typical exhibition catalogues miss entirely – spatial engagement with the content by the public. In its attempt to present various aspects of a single exhibition the book raises fundamental curatorial issues beyond the project in question.