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House Equanimity

Joseph N. Biondo - Masterpiece Series

Wendy Ornelas Byron Hawes Joseph N. Biondo

200 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
Not all masterpieces scream for attention. Some wait with patience, with composure, for their genius to be felt. Joseph Biondo’s Equanimity House is just such a work of art; the exceptional, hiding in plain sight. Born of a tectonic language, the structure is built to coalesce with its surroundings, becoming one with the rolling topography of its site. A mature, elegant, considered work of great beauty, Biondo has achieved the apogee of his exploration of ordinary materials in extraordinary ways. As he says, ‘To heighten one’s awareness of a humble material can be poetic’. A sensorial tone poem, this is a house that is felt, rather than viewed, driving the senses that intuit gravity, temperature, interaction, texture, and aesthetics.