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The House of the Infinite

Alberto Campo Baeza - Masterpiece Series

Annemie Vanbeylen Marc Dubois Alejandro Cervilla Garcia

200 pages
Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers Llc
We have built the most radical house we have ever made, an in nite plane facing the in nite sea. A house facing the Atlantic Ocean, at the water’s edge on a beach of Cadiz, like a piece of earthly paradise, where the Romans once lived in nearby Bolonia. We built a powerful podium in Roman travertine whose upper horizontal plane becomes the protagonist of the space. Inside the podium, underneath this platform like a temenos, is the house. Above and behind the stony platform, we have erected stone walls to protect us from the strong prevailing winds. As if it were an acropolis. A temenos where the gods descend to converse with humans and toast with Sherry on this plane on high looking out onto the in nite sea. The house of the infinite.