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Silvia Fernández

48 pages
Syncretic Press Llc

The artists of the Galaxy Circus risk their lives every day. They jump from the trapeze without a net, swallow fire and fly out of cannons. Maybe that's why they always wonder so much about death. What happens after? At Galaxy Circus there are as many different answers to this question as there are species of animal, each colorfully imagined on the page as one-by-one the performers fall from the tightrope. A beautifully rendered, sensitive introduction for young readers to a range of religious and cultural beliefs about death and what might follow in ‘the hereafter.’

Also available in the original Spanish-language version, Más allá.

Author Bio
Silvia Fernández has a PhD in Social Psychology from The New School for Social Research, in New York. She is also a Certified Instructor by the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE) at Stanford University. She currently works as Director of the Contemplative Accompaniment in Death (ACM) program, of the Nirakara organization, in Madrid.