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Doña Pocha va de compras

Pablo Zweig Pablo Zweig

28 pages
Syncretic Press Llc

En español

Doña Pocha va al supermercado a comprar todo lo que necesita para su casa: té para la tetera, sal para el salero, azúcar para el azucarero. En su camino de regreso a casa, se topa con un apuesto caballero y se pone nerviosa, tirando la bolsa de las compras ¡y haciendo un desastre! Su única solución será volver a la tienda y (con un poco de suerte) ¡volver a toparse con el caballero!

Doña Pocha goes to the supermarket to buy all the things she needs for her house, like tea for the teapot, salt for the saltshaker, and sugar for the sugar for the sugar pot. On her way back home, she meets a handsome gentleman and becomes flustered, mixing all her groceries and making a mess! The only solution will be to go back to the store and (with some luck) bump into the gentleman again!
Author Bio
Pablo's first illustrations and comic albums were published in Germany where he lived from 1988 to 1994. Back in Buenos he worked for numerous local newspapers and magazines, such as Clarín, Jardín, Olé, Rolling Stone, Inrockuptibles, Noticias, Fierro, etc. As a children's book author and illustrator he has published his works in countries like Argentina, Japan, Korea, Italy, Holland and now the USA! His illustrations and paintings have been shown at shows in Hamburg, Buenos Aires and at the Bologna's Children's Book Fair.