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Mateo conoce

Alberto Pez

32 pages
Syncretic Press Llc
A Mateo le encanta viajar. Él viene y va todo el día, saltando de un lugar a otro. Se maravilla ante el perro de ojos azules, las arañas acróbatas y las vacas que pastan bajo la luz de la luna. Pero no importa dónde se encuentre, siempre se las arregla para regresar a tiempo para la cena y compartir historias de sus aventuras con su amigo. Una historia para sumergirse en el entorno del lago de Mateo y descubrir las maravillas que nos rodean.

Mateo loves to travel. He comes and goes all day long, jumping up and down from place to place. He marvels at the blue-eyed dog, the acrobatic spiders, and cows that like to graze under the moonlight. But no matter where he is at, he always manages to return on time for dinner to share stories of his adventures with his friend. Story to immerse yourself in Mateo’s lake and discover the wonders that are just around us.

Author Bio
Alberto has worked as an illustrator and cartoonist in various graphic and editorial media, including comic production companies like Eura (Italy) and DC Comics (United States). He carried out design tasks and storyboards for film productions, such as Highlander II and Ashes of Paradise. He has also likes to participate at individual and collective art shows. In recent years he started writing many of his books. Syncretic Press has published his book Mateo conoce. He resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina.