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32 pages
Syncretic Press Llc
A Nato le gusta jugar con su tablet. Todo el tiempo. Pero un viaje al campo con su familia lo empujará a una realidad alternativa, la realidad fuera de la pantalla. Un universo complejo y hermoso chocará con todos sus sentidos, revelando un mundo natural que hasta ese momento solo comprender a través de la pantalla. El libro desafía la imaginación y nos obliga a reflexionar sobre nuestro uso de la tecnología y lo que sucede cuando desconectamos.

Nato likes to play with his tablet. All the time. But a trip to the country with his family will throw him into an alternative reality, the reality outside the screen. A complex and beautiful universe will collide with all his senses, revealing a natural world he thought he could only fit and understand through his screen. The book challenges the imagination, forcing us to ponder about our use of technology and what happens when we disconnect.

Author Bio
Cecilia graduated and now teaches Literature at the National University of Buenos Aires. She began to invent her own stories from the age of eight. Shortly after graduating she started working as a teacher, researcher and editor. Cecilia has lead many projects related to literacy and poetry for children. In 2016 she won the Hispano-American Prize for Poetry for Children. Syncretic Press has published her book Tablet. Cecilia lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.