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Diario de un Monstruo

Valeria Dávila

32 pages
Syncretic Press Llc
¿Cómo es un monstruo? ¿Cómo podemos saber qué pasa por su cabeza? ¿Qué les gusta comer? ¿Cuál es su pasatiempo favorito? ¿Y su familiau familia? ¿Tienen familia? ¿Se juntan? ¡Encontramos estas y muchas otras ideas en este diario secreto! ¡Algunas de las revelaciones te sorprenderán! Un diario divertido, en rimas, sobre la vida del monstruo en TU lago.

What is a monster like? How can we get a glimpse of what goes on in his mind? What do they like to eat? What is their hobby? What about their family? Do they even have a family? Do they get together? We found these and many other insights in this secret diary! Some of the revelations here will surprise you! A fun journal, in rhymes, into the life of the monster in YOUR lake.

Author Bio
Valeria is a journalist and a teacher. She worked in graphic media and coordinated journalism workshops for children. Syncretic Press has published her books Diario de un monstruo, Diario de un hada and Diario de un ogro. Her work has received national and international awards. She currently serves as a primary school teacher in a public school in Argentina.