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El abrazo de Otto

Gigliola Zecchin

32 pages
Syncretic Press Llc
Es el cumpleaños de Otto y quiere celebrarlo con todos sus amigos. Les envía invitaciones prometiendo un gran abrazo cuando lleguen a la fiesta. Luego comienza a trabajar para preparar todo: comida, bebidas y música. ¡Será una gran fiesta! Pero, ¿cómo se sienten sus amigos sobre ese "gran abrazo" que les prometió? Uno por uno, todos comienzan a compartir su preocupación y sus miedos. Apoyándose el uno en el otro, descubren que confiar en los amigos es muy positivo, incluso en las profundidades del océano.

It is Otto’s birthday and he wants to celebrate it with all his friends. He sends out the invitations, promising a big hug when they come over. Then he starts working on getting everything ready: food, drinks, and music. It is going to be a great party! But how do his friends feel about his promised “big hug”? One by one they all start sharing their thoughts and fears. Leaning on each other, they discover that trusting friends goes a long way, even in the deep ocean!

Author Bio
Gigliola Zecchin, better known as Canela, Modern Languages at the National University of Cordoba. She is the author of numerous books for children and young adults. She received the "White Ravens" award for her book Marisa que borra. Of her many titles, Syncretic Press has published El abrazo de Otto, El sol de Otto y Fuego de dragón. She is currently dedicated to cultural journalism and is especially interested in visual arts. Canela was born in Vicenza, Italy. She arrived as an immigrant to Argentina, where she has resided since then.