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Hipo no nada

Pablo Bernasconi

32 pages
Syncretic Press Llc
Hipo le tiene miedo al agua, así que se convenció de que nadar debe ser aburrido. Un día decide salir a buscar algo diferente que hacer. Para su sorpresa, nada funcinoa: es demasiado pesado o demasiado grande para saltar a la cuerda, trepar a los árboles o jugar al sube y baja. Pero quizás, después de todo, es posible que haya algo que se le dé bastante bien... Tendrá que encontrar el coraje para dar un salto y... ¡nadar! Una hermosa historia sobre nuestros miedos y como los conquistamos.

Hippo is afraid of the water so he convinced himself that swimming MUST be boring. He then decides to go out looking for something different to do. But nothing works out: he is too heavy or too big to jump on the rope, to climb trees or to play seesaw. Maybe, after all, there’s something he can do... He’ll have to find the courage to take a leap and jump in the water. A beautiful story about our fears and how we rise above them.

Author Bio
Pablo is a graphic designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. His illustrations have been published in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Daily Telegraph and The Times. Among his awards are the Zena Sutherland Best Children Book of the Year (The University of Chicago, 2006) and 7 awards for excellence in the Society of Newspaper Design. He has lectured on illustration and design at the University of Chicago, Edinburgh Fair (Scotland) and the University of Buenos Aires, among many others. In 2018 he was among the 5 finalist for the Christian Andersen Awards in the Illustration category. Syncretic Press has published two of his books, Hipo no nada and No (es así). He lives in Bariloche, Argentina.