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Mi gato maravilla

Silvina Rocha

32 pages
Syncretic Press Llc
Este gato tiene muchos defectos: se asusta fácilmente, no escucha bien, es torpe y no puede ver mucho. Sin embargo, ¡es maravilloso! Pero, ¿por qué? ¡Habrá que descubrirlo! Esta es una gran historia sobre la amistad entre un niño y su mascota. Una historia de respeto por las diferencias con los demás y una gran metáfora para empezar a entender como relaciones sólidas.

This cat has many flaws: it gets scared easily, it doesn’t hear well, it is clumsy and can’t see much. Yet, it is so wonderful on so many levels! Why is that? You'll have to find out! This is a great story about the friendship between a kid and his pet. A story of respect for each other's differences and a great metaphore for understanding the basics for building strong relationships.

Author Bio
Silvina is a writer, singer, songwriter and teacher. She has worked with several illustrators in the creation of picture books, merging writing with graphic language. Her work Mateo y su gato rojo obtained an award at ALIJA 2010, and in 2012 it was selected to represent Argentina at the IFLA Congress in Helsinki. Syncretic Press has published her books Mi gato maravilla, Olivia y el violín and the above mentioned Mateo y su gato rojo. Silvina lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.