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Pim, Pam, Pom y el Ratón Morfa Grosso

Karen Schleeweis Gal Weizman

32 pages
Syncretic Press Llc
Pim, Pam y Pom son tres cepillos de dientes decididos a mantener limpia y saludable la boca de su amigo Morfa Grosso. Basado en investigaciones y recomendaciones de la Asociación Dental Americana, la historia combina humor, ilustraciones divertidas y un lenguaje amigable. Una excelente introducción para niños y niñas sobre el cuidado de sus dientes.

Pim, Pam and Pom are three toothbrushes determined to help their friend Mucho Mouse keep his teeth clean. Based on research and recommendations from the American Dental Association, the story combines humor, exciting illustrations and dental-friendly language. One of the best introductions for toddlers and preschoolers to learn the importance of caring for their teeth.

Author Bio
Karen has been a florist, a dress maker and an entrepreneur. She is now a mother, a wife and a research geographer with the US Forest Service. With a PhD in geography, communicating through maps is her passion. Karen’s writing sparks from her motherly instinct, laughing and learning with her kids and from the bird’s eye view of an explorer. With Syncretic Press she has published her opera prima Pim, Pam, Pom and Mucho Mouse. She lives in the East Coast of the United States.