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A Proven Way Communities Can Spread Change and Make Hope Real for All

Richard Harwood

258 pages
Kettering Foundation Press

How can we unleash the innate potential of people, institutions and groups in communities to address our common challenges? And how can we do this by creating a civic culture in which people come together to shape their own lives and gain real hope?

In Unleashed, Richard C. Harwood draws on his 30 years of experience working with communities to answer these two critical questions. Harwood shows us that:

-Change ripples out in communities through an interaction of highly intentional actions and serendipity.

-The change then cascades and spreads through a chain of events over time.

-These interactions often occur in unexpected ways, in unimaginable combinations of people and partners, and with unforeseen results.

-This chain reaction can be proactively catalyzed and nurtured.

-Through these interactions, people can restore a belief that we can get things done together.

Americans yearn to create a society that reflects the best of us, the best in us. In Unleashed, Harwood helps us see how we can create a more equitable, fair, inclusive and hopeful path forward.

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Author Bio
Richard C. Harwood is an innovator, writer, and speaker. For over three decades, he has devoted his career to revitalizing the nation's hardest-hit communities, transforming the world's largest organizations, and reconnecting institutions to society.

He has developed a philosophy and practice of how communities and society can solve common problems, create a culture of shared responsibility, and deepen civic faith. The Harwood practice of Turning Outward has spread to all 50 US states and is being used in 40 countries. His experience working on the ground to build capacity and coalitions for change gives him a unique, powerful insight on bridging divides and creating resilient communities.

Dedicated to providing a trusted civic voice, Rich's leadership has guided people in communities to see and hear one another, afford dignity to every individual, and find ways to do common work. In Newtown, Connecticut, after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Rich led the process for the community to collectively decide the fate of the school building.

An inspiring, sought-after speaker, Rich regularly keynotes major conferences and events. He has written several books, scores of articles and groundbreaking reports, and frequently appears on national media. He is the founder and president of The Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, located in Bethesda, Maryland.

More information about Rich Harwood can be found at www.theharwoodinstitute.org. You can connect with Rich Harwood on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.