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Day In, Day Out

A Novel

Hector Aguilar Camin

128 pages
Schaffner Press Inc
A drunken confession. Years dissolve in a blur of sex, drugs, and violence. With echoes of Raymond Chandler's The Big Sleep, Héctor Aguilar Camín's Day In, Day Out explores the lives of two darkly alluring sisters and the men pulled into their orbit. While attending the funeral of an old acquaintance, dissolute writer Serrano runs into a former rival, a doctor of criminology known simply as el Pato. The encounter throws Serrano back to the erotically charged bohemian nightlife of 1970's Mexico City, when both men vied for the attention of Liliana Montoya, an enigmatic nightclub singer who may have ordered a murder to defend her sister's honor. As Serrano digs into a past filled with excess and deceit, he finds himself questioning Liliana's sanity-and his own. Day In, Day Out is a vivid chronicle of lust, obsession, and madness that will appeal to fans of literary crime novels and Latin American fiction.
Author Bio
Héctor Aguilar Camín (born July 9, 1946 in Chetumal) is a Mexican writer, journalist and historian, and author of several novels, among them Death in Veracruz and Galio's War, of which Ariel Dorfman (Death and the Maiden) has exclaimed, "Without hesitation, I would call either one of these a classic of Latin American fiction." His most recent novel, Adios to My Parents was published in Mexico to great critical and popular acclaim in 2014. Death in Veracruz is the first work of his fiction to be translated into English. Chandler Thompson acquired his translating chops in the 1960s as a Peace Corps Volunteer, then while writing news stories in English from raw copy in Spanish and French. He's covered Mexico as a stringer for The Christian Science Monitor and as reporter for The El Paso Times. He translated Death in Veracruz between hearings while working as a court interpreter.