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Railroad Engineer Olive Dennis

48 pages
The Innovation Press
When Olive Dennis was young, girls were expected to be sewing, cooking, and cleaning. But Olive was busy imagining, designing, and building everything from a wooden dollhouse to a model streetcar with working parts. When she grew up, Olive continued to defy expectations, earning a civil engineering degree and becoming the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's first female engineer. Her genius for inventing improvements based on her keen observations of passengers' needs and problems led her to the assignment of a lifetime: designing a luxury train that would change rail travel forever.
Author Bio
Tanja Stephani is a full time illustrator, a sculptor, an artist, and a bluegrass bass player. She lives and works in an old farmhouse on a mountain in Switzerland, with her pets, her lovely husband, her grown-up children and her creative grandmother!? After art school she trained as a graphic designer in the early eighties without a computer: that's how she learned to do everything by hand! Her work steps are to first imagine a character, second to illustrate it on paper, and third bring it to life in three dimensional paperclay. She uses all kind of materials, and loves to explore new media to create with. The magic of giving life to her characters, in illustrations or as three-dimensional figures, gives her a wonderful feeling. When she's not drawing, you can find her in her big vegetable garden in the forest, on the ground playing with her pets, or sitting together with her family and friends playing music.

If you asked Kaye Baillie to choose her favorite mode of transportation, she would say 'a vintage train'. She once traveled by train for three days across Australia where she lives and would love to do it again. She would scribble ideas in a notebook just like Olive. Kaye is an award winning children's author. Visit her online at kayebaillie.com.