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Spring is Coming!

Chris Helene Bridge

32 pages
Bright Sky Press
No matter how long and cold winter can be, it can’t stop spring from coming! With hope-filled rhymes and joy-filled children’s art, this colorful book brings a promise that hidden life is stirring in the midst of winter and there is an unstoppable, bright and beautiful season soon to come! This delightful, bilingual book features text in English and Spanish. It also includes questions on each page to further engage the reader and help them grow in their comprehension while having fun! Children can’t help but read along as the message of this book unfolds like the flowers, right before their eyes… spring is coming!
Author Bio
Chris Bridge is an award-winning author, artist and teacher with over thirty years’ experience, she wrote and illustrated her first story about her runaway cat when she was ten, and she soon decided to use her writing and art to make a difference in the world. Born in Colorado, Chris has traveled and lived in many places in the US and internationally. Now a Houston resident, she enjoys reading, spending time in nature, and being with family and friends. She and her husband have two grown sons. She is the author of Read to Me!, Read to Me!- Bilingual, and Same Heart.