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The Same Heart

Chris Helene Bridge

32 pages
Bright Sky Press
Are we the SAME, or are we DIFFERENT? Could both of these be true? Let’s get a little closer, And look at me and you! Lilting rhymes show children that everyone is different on the outside, but in all the ways that matter, we are the same. Author and artist Chris H. Bridge, known for her collaborative projects with children, looks at eyes, ears, hair, feelings and thoughts. Using simple direct language, she shows that while they appear different, they provide us the same experiences. Yes, we are DIFFERENT on the outside, you can see it’s true. But inside each of us is THE SAME HEART, ME AND YOU! Text in English and Spanish is amplified by call out words in major languages, and illustrations created by students celebrate the beauty of individual faces in the rich landscape of diversity. The Same Heart provides children with respect for every individual’s uniqueness and the importance of finding connection.
Author Bio
An award-winning author, artist and teacher with over thirty years’ experience, she wrote and illustrated her first story about her runaway cat when she was ten, and she soon decided to use her writing and art to make a difference in the world.Born in Colorado, Chris has traveled and lived in many places in the US and internationally. Now a Houston resident, she enjoys reading, spending time in nature, and being with family and friends. She and her husband have two grown sons.