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Messiah Factor

Tony Pearce

208 pages
Messianic Jewish Pub & Res Llc
Who Do You say that I am? was the question Jesus asked the disciples. This book looks at some contemporary Jewish answers to that question (and answers to those answers). It also examines the history of anti-Semitism and how that has influenced people in our modern era. Whether Jewish or non-Jewish, The Messiah Factor brings many vital issues to the table challenging us all to answer that question, Who do you say that I am? Issues raised include: Why has the professing church often persecuted Jewish People? Where was God when the six million perished? If Jesus is the Messiah, why is there no peace in the world? Do events in the Middle East today tie in with the prophecies of the Bible, and if so, how will they end? What clues do the Hebrew Prophets give to Messiah s identity?
Author Bio
Tony Pearce used to work as a school teacher in London and is now the pastor of The Bridge Christian Fellowship in Golders Green, London. He also produces the quarterly magazine, Light for the Last Days, giving up-to-date information on issues relating to the return of the Messiah.