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W is for Washington, DC

Maria Kernahan

56 pages
Dry Climate Studios

Tour the nation’s capital in this playful and colorful A - Z tour of Washington, DC. “W is for Washington, D.C. offers a fresh perspective on the iconic monuments, landmarks, famous places and fun things to do in D.C with graphic illustrations and whimsical text. From Air Force One to the National Zoo, W is for Washington, D.C. captures the best of Washington, D.C.

The tour includes stops at Rock Creek Park, the Smithsonian Museum, The Washington Monument, cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin, The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, and ice skating at the National Gallery. There is even a page devoted to Presidential Dogs!

W is for Washington, D.C. is a full-size full-size picture book with gorgeous illustrations printed on premium gloss paper. This Washington, D.C. children’s book is a great gift for a native Washingtonian or visitor of any age!

Author Bio
Maria Kernahan and Michael Schafbuch teamed up to create “love letters” to their favorite places. Maria is a writer with a background in advertising and Michael is a successful fine artist based in Seattle.