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The Jews in Late Antiquity

Rodrigo Laham Cohen

112 pages
Amsterdam University Press
Is it possible to summarize the history of the Jews in late antiquity? The lack of source material makes it challenging, but this short book provides a brief snapshot, based on the available evidence. It focuses on seven different regions: Italy, North Africa (except Egypt), Gaul, Spain, Egypt, the Land of Israel, and Babylonia, and identifies common patterns, but also clear regional and temporal differences between each distinct area.
The Jews in Late Antiquity should be considered as a first step towards the understanding of a little-known period in Jewish history, and its aim is to leave the reader wanting to know more.
Author Bio
Rodrigo Laham Cohen =================== Rodrigo Laham Cohen is a Professor at the University of Buenos Aires and at the National University of San Martín, and a Researcher in the Argentinian National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET). His PhD focused on Jewish Communities in the period of Gregory the Great. He has published widely on Christian Anti-Judaism and Jewish Anti-Christianity in Late Antiquity.