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God made it for me - seasons - summer

Child's prayers of thankfulness for the things they love best about summer

Nicoletta Antonia

14 pages
Compass Productions Inc
Young kids love to talk; this child's prayer of thankfulness has her talking to God as she hikes to a lake while going on a treasure hunt with Grandpa. Real photos overlaid with beautiful watercolour illustrations capture a child's imagination and bring to life her joy as she explores the forest and all it holds. He Made it for Me - Summer, is narrated from a child’s viewpoint, thanking God for making Summer.
Author Bio
Nicoletta Antonia is a children’s author and freelance graphic designer. She recently returned to the USA after spending 16 years in Asia as an ESL teacher and expat mom of four. She now makes her home in the Pacific Northwest where she can often be found attempting to recreate favourite Taiwanese dishes or teaching her two cats how not to garden. You can find her latest works here: http://www.mangatabooks.com/children/amalie-mr-b.html