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Moti Saves the Day

A Fable from Around the World

Ronan Keane

32 pages
Compass Productions Inc
Moti Mouse encounters a herd of elephants and asks them for a favor. Will he be able to repay their kindness? This fable from India shows that size is not the most important thing, and that being little can be a great advantage. Embark on a round-the-world trip through this collection of fables from lands near and far. The Fables from Around the World books combine simple language and engaging stories bring timeless principles to life. Each story concludes with a moral to make it easy to apply the lessons.
Author Bio
Ronan Keane is a Canadian author with over 10 years' experience in the world of publishing for children, during which time he has worked and collaborated with other authors on a variety of mediums-magazines, anthologies, novels, and short stories. He has lived and worked on five continents (so far!), and the Fables from Around the World series is inspired by his desire to share some of that passion for travel, discovery, and new cultures with young readers. He currently lives in Calgary, Canada, with his wife and two preschool-aged children.