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Tiny Thoughts that I’ve Been Thinking

Selected Writings of Leslie Anne Bustard

304 pages
Square Halo Books
As she was just beginning to enjoy life as an empty nester, Leslie was struck with a double cancer diagnosis and began an arduous three-year journey in the shadow of Death. While undergoing treatment meant to extend life, she could no longer teach or produce theater, so she turned her attention toward creative writing. Her imagination burst into life, beckoning all those around to follow her “further up and further in.” This collection is a magpie’s nest of reflections on art, faith, literature, community, caregiving, and mortality. Her essays, poems, and miscellaneous musings show us how one follower of Jesus lived life to the glory of God by adding to the Beauty in the world around her.
Author Bio
Leslie Anne Bustard spent much of her adult years home-schooling her three girls and teaching literature, poetry, art appreciation, and writing to other children in various homeschooling co-ops. Leslie also taught middle school literature and writing at a local classical school, as well as produced high school and children’s theater.For the past two decades, she and her husband lived in a century-old row house in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where they loved to offer food and friendship to folks and to collect a plethora of artwork, music, and books. Leslie has written for The Cultivating Project, The Black Barn Online, Veritas Press, Story Warren, Anselm Society, Rabbit Room Press, and Calla Press. Her first book was Wild Things and Castles in the Sky: A to Choosing the Best Books for Children (Square Halo Books, 2022). You can find more of Leslie’s musings at PoeticUnderpinnings.com and listen to her podcast at SquareHaloBooks.com.
Théa Rosenburg has worked as a dental assistant, an indie musician, a peddler of hand-knit gifts, an art teacher, an informal librarian, and an editor. She reviews children’s books for her blog, Little Book, Big Story; her work has also appeared in Story Warren, Risen Motherhood, Deeply Rooted, and Wildflowers Magazine. Théa lives with her husband and four daughters in the Pacific Northwest where, when the wind blows from the right direction, she can smell the ocean from her front yard.