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The Plug

What Everyone Is Searching for

Brian D. Thomas

132 pages
Spirit Reign Communication
How hardheaded can one man be? This book isn't just about battling the situations of life; it's about the battle within. Life is already hard, but it's even harder when you make the wrong choices. This book highlights the struggles and triumphs of a young man determined to find his purpose in life. In his autobiography, The Plug, Brian Thomas shares with you the devastating details of his troubled past. Not only does he share with you his past, but he also connects you to the plug that changed his life. One question… Are you ready to plug in?
Author Bio
Brian Thomas is a man of God, husband, father, author, life changing conversationalist, minister, talented musician, and entrepreneur. He resides in Huntsville, AL with his wife, Sophy, and daughter, Tay. He has a passion for people that is evident and a commitment to purpose that cannot be denied. It is apparent to everyone who encounters him that he is serious, driven, and dedicated to spreading the news of the redeeming power of God. In 2015, Brian and Sophy founded their company, Be.The.Next.Level, and created a program entitled “The Activate Series." The objective of their company is to show that there is nothing you can’t overcome with the proper perspective, attitude, and effort.