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From Felon to Forbes

A Transformation to Greatness

Jerald Lewis

272 pages
Spirit Reign Communication
Whether your dreams have been derailed by self-inflicted choices or second-hand circumstances, From Felon To Forbes, delivers a fresh breath of possibility for what a person can achieve with their life. Coach Jae's ability to connect, coach, and empower with a mix of relevant analogies, shameless transparency and results-based strategies truly makes him a '1-of-1' amongst today's personal success coaches. The gift, you are now holding, is simply your unique opportunity to know how his Transformation To Greatness was achieved.
Author Bio
Hailed by many as "The Phil Jackson of Social Re-entry Coaching", it’s no surprise that Jerald 'Coach Jae' Lewis is highly considered, the top 'how-to' expert for destructive choice recovery and goal achievement. Armed with his own testimony of redemption and ‘High-Altitude’ success, Coach Jae’s processes for achieving greatness help countless numbers of people around the globe to transform the nightmares of yesterday into their dreams of tomorrow. In his debut autobiography, From Felon To Forbes chronicles the seasons of Coach Jae’s life, which birthed his empowering strategies for success. His memoir presents a rare opportunity to witness the trials of personal transformation through its rawest lens, from the inside out. Coach Jae’s dark journey through the pains of his past while simultaneously striving to conquer the harsh reality of present consequences serves as an exhilarating story of personal accountability and ambition.