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J. A. O'Rourke

208 pages
Spirit Reign Communication
We are swiftly becoming a people whose relational tastes are as varied as cereal brands in the grocery store. The LGBT movement lobbies for marriage equality; Fundamentalist Mormons have Polygamy; We have the "moral" majority of conservative Evangelicals promoting traditional family values; The pornography industry runs rampant; Swingers Polyamorous relationships have been added to the mix; Friends-with-benefits and on and on”the list is endless. What was once viewed as the norm is now simply one option among many. Sexual intimacy has been turned into recreational sex and genital entertainment. Marital commitment is entered into based on sentimental "love" at best. Gender has become an emotional preference.nnTo make matters worse sexual intimacy is seen as a necessary evil”solely intended for procreation. Marital commitment is discardable at will and gender inequality is more than a myth. Patriarchal/paternal dominance is so palpable globally that it goes unnoticed. Is this what God designed intended or wills? Or did God have something greater planned for humanity when He created us?nnWelcome to Sex-U-ology: an exploration and examination of the image of God.