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Aspiration to Realization Through Integral Yoga

Swami Karunananda

206 pages
Integral Yoga Publications
Within the human heart exists a universal yearning for peace and happiness. There is a common aspiration for greater meaning and fulfillment in life. In Awakening: Aspiration to Realization through Integral Yoga, Swami Karunananda explores the wisdom teachings of Yoga that provide a roadmap for this journey. In a clear and compelling fashion, she leads us from philosophy to practice, from intellectual understanding to applying the teachings in our daily lives. We discover how to move through sorrow, fear, and suffering and find our way to faith, forgiveness, and healing. It is a transformative process that begins with the search for a new way of seeing or moving through life and culminates when we awaken to the peace, joy, and freedom of our own true nature.
Author Bio

Swami Karunananda is a senior disciple of Sri Swami Satchidananda, the founder of Integral Yoga, Satchidananda Ashram, and the Integral Yoga Institutes and Centers. With over forty years experience teaching all aspects of Yoga, Swami Karunananda is one of Integral Yogas master teachers. She specializes in programs that focus on the science of meditation, the philosophy of Yoga, Yoga breathing techniques for better health and well-being, and personal transformation. In 1989, she developed the Integral Yoga Teacher Training course in Raja Yoga and, in 1991,Pranayama and Meditation Teacher Training. She has since conducted many workshops, retreats, and teacher training programs worldwide.

Swami Karunananda compiled and edited the Lotus Prayer Book, an interfaith book of prayers, and Enlightening Tales As Told By Sri Swami Satchidananda. She was contributing editor for The Breath of Life: Integral Yoga Pranayama and for Integral Yoga Magazine. The current volume is an expression' of her lifelong love for the study and practice of Yoga.