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Walking the Leadership Higher Ground

David Nixon

174 pages
Alive Publications
"It was an awesome responsibility you signed up for when you said yes to God and became a leader," says David Nixon in Walking the Leadership Higher Ground. "The role of the leader is a very high calling. Skills that enhance our gifts and abilities should be learned and used." Some people claim that leaders are born and that signs of leadership assert themselves early in life. But leadership is an acquired trait forged in the battles (successes and failures) of life. Spiritual leaders are not perfect; they pursue the will of God clothed in the flesh like everyone else. Authentic leadership is about being your best self-the person God created you to be. Walking the leadership higher ground invites you to pursue God's highest and best, and lead others to follow it. Once you have seen and heard God's vision, that vision must be communicated. The task of the leader is to encourage others to follow it. If no one follows and you think you are leading, you are probably only taking a hike.
Author Bio
David F. Nixon is a district superintendent of the Southern Florida District Church of the Nazarene. He teaches spiritual leadership in classes and conferences in Africa, Guyana, Belize, and Haiti. He has served as a district superintendent for 17 years and a pastor for 25 years in small, intermediate and large churches. His lessons on spiritual leadership have been hammered out on the anvil of experience. His wife Kaye has been his partner in ministry for over 40 years. Together they share two beautiful daughters and four grandchildren.