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Little Black Daydream

Steve Kistulentz

92 pages
University of Akron Press
Steve Kistulentz's second book of poems, Little Black Daydream, is a chronicle of post-capitalist America. With a precise ear for the American patois, it addresses the uncertainty of the future at the exact moment when those questions are at the forefront of our culture. The book teems with the dazzling detritus of desire, capitalism, and apocalypse-and the poems demonstrate an astonishing adeptness at pushing language to portray this strange moment in our histories, both the personal and the fantastical.--Carmen Giménez Smith, author of The City She Was and Odalisque in Pieces
Author Bio
Steve Kistulentz is the author of two books of poetry. His previous book, The Luckless Age, won the Benjamin Saltman Award. New poems from Little Black Daydream have appeared or are forthcoming in The Cincinnati Review, The Louisville Review, The Southern Review, Pank, Shadowbox, and elsewhere. He lives in Jackson, Mississippi, where he teaches creative writing and literature at Millsaps College.