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Revolt of Rabbi Morris Cohen

Exploring the Passion & Piety of a Modern-Day Pharisee

Anthony Cardinale

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A brilliant school psychologist, Rabbi Morris Cohen went on a one-man strike to protest the systematic mislabeling of slow learning pupils as “Learning Disabled.” His disciplinary hearing is a hilarious read! This garrulous man lost his job and family, but achieved a major historic victory causing reform. An 8th-generation Orthodox rabbi and modern-day Pharisee, Rabbi Cohen openly struggled with Judaism and the loss of everything, with his trusted friend the author, who is a born again believer in Jesus.
Author Bio
Cardinale has an MS degree in Journalism and is currently Adjunct Professor at Canisius College, Buffalo, NY. He has written extensively about Jewish affairs for The Buffalo News and has interviewed Palestinian refugees in Jordan for The Jerusalem Post. He began his research of the red heifer in 1998 through a residency at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, the City of Jerusalem’s guest house for visiting artists. He is married to Messianic music recording artist and songwriter Shirah Cardinale who recorded her debut CD entitled “Purple Heart.”