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How My Family Changed

Nick the Wise Old Cat - The Importance of Family Series

Linda Sicks Dave Messing

Nick The Cat LLC
As an overview, the Nick the Wise Old Cat Series books are warm, lovable, and soon-to-be classic stories presented through the eyes of Nick, the wise old cat influenced by the world around him and the special loving relationship he has with his Nice Lady caregiver. How My Family Changed is the third of three books within Series I, The Importance of Family from the Nick the Wise Old Cat five series offering. Together with Book One, How I Found My Family, and Book Two, How My Family Grew Overnight, young readers will learn about the importance and diversity of relationships that constitute family. Nick is a very observant and inquiring fellow and, as a rescued animal, offers the reader a greater sensitivity and appreciation for life, family, and the importance of human relationships. In How My Family Changed, Nick defines a path for all young readers to consider when they are challenged with change and the need to control the emotional highs and lows often encountered during times of change. Whether the change is the acceptance of a new brother or sister into a family, a change in schools, or forging new friendships, Nick shows us that if we allow it, change can often be a good thing. Nick's eventual openness to change and acceptance of a homeless kitten into his family, which is the change he is challenged to accept, is both heroic and self-redeeming.
Author Bio
Linda Sicks is a passionate advocate for animal rights and their well-being. Her inspiration to write the three books comprising The Importance of Family series began when she realized during the past twelve years that she and Nick had lived through many of life's ups and downs together, and that he was indeed her family. Her search for spiritual and metaphysical answers to life, together with a writing style developed through her many journals, have come together with warmth and simplicity in penning The Importance of Family. Today, Linda and Nick continue life's journey together and look forward to offering more life lessons and value messages to children and their families in future books.