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The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing, Personal Growth and Life Management

Wisdom Rising II

262 pages
Purple Haze Press LLC
If you thought Universal timeless truth could not get any more relevant and humorous than You Are What You Love® and Wisdom Rising, you are in for a surprise. Hold on to your enlightenment, because Vaishali's Wisdom Rising II will rock your world. This book contains more full spectrum wisdom in the areas of: mind, body and spirit. Vaishāli did not cut any corners when it comes opening your eyes while making you laugh.
Author Bio
Vaishãli is a life-management expert, a spiritual teacher, an International speaker and educator and syndicated radio show host. Vaishãli, has healed herself from terminal illness twice without western medicine, prescription drugs or surgeries. Her God given gift is the ability to see and communicate what a person's life purpose is, as well as the obstacles to fulfilling that life purpose. Vaishãli is also the author of four books: "You Are What You Love,"® the companion "Play Book to: You Are What You Love," "Wisdom Rising" and Wisdom Rising II."Vaishãli is a faculty member at The Omega Institute, and the Learning Annex. She has appeared on national radio and network television programs including ABC TV, CBS TV & NBC TV and on The Dr. Oz Radio show. Vaishãli is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and has been quoted on Oprah.com. Her articles have been published in hundreds magazines worldwide. In 2009 Vaishãli was voted by THE Magazine as one of the top 50 Inspirational women in the Los Angeles Area. Vaishãli graduated Magna C** Laude from San Francisco State University, with degrees in both Philosophy and Religion as well as the Radio and Television Department. For more info visit www.purplev.com and www.purplev.com/mediakit