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Geraldine Goodkitty

The Tale of a Single Mother Surviving in an Urban Environment

F. J. Kercher

Purple Haze Press LLC
The author experienced a curious dream about a stray cat with the odd name Geraldine Goodkitty and her three kittens. She decided to write about each of the characters in the dream in order to probe its meaning. Geraldine's story began to expand, and the author continued to write. The story grew into a composite inspired by the wonderful animals that have graced her life and lent their names, personalities, and physical appearance to most of the characters in the novel. Geraldine's tale is told primarily from a feline perspective.
Author Bio
F. J. Kercher was born in Oakland, California, and graduated from Cal-State East Bay with a B.A. in history. She worked for the Social Security Administration for a number of years and then pursued a life of intense variety that has included dancing, singing, acting and now writing.