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Road to Down Street

The Story of North Bath

Nancy Lovetere

Islandport Press
North Bath, Maine, is set on the peninsula surrounded by the Androscoggin and Kennebec Rivers with Merrymeeting Bay at the headland. This glorious peninsula is rich not only in its pristine beauty but also in its dynamic history. In The Road to Down Street, native Nancy Dearborn Lovetere researched the very beginnings of her beloved hometown, from its seventeenth-century roots to its evolution as a thriving rural community with farms, shipyards, mills, tanneries, blacksmith shops, lively Yankee characters, and more.
Author Bio
Nancy Dearborn Lovetere grew up in North Bath on the Kennebec River and Merrymeeting Bay. She was a lifetime member of three state Societies of Mayflower Descendants. Grandmother and marathoner, she shared a triangular existence in Connecticut, Maine, and Florida with her husband John until her death in 2009.