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Miriam Colwell

Islandport Press
Young is a lively and moving story of one young woman's restlessness and struggle with life in a small Maine coastal town during the 1950s. Its timeless themes continue to resonate as Evelyn, a recent high school graduate, confronts the question: What am I going to do with my life? All she knows for sure is that she is ready to escape a place where people know her every move and where her mother bakes bread that Evelyn delivers to the increasing number of summer residents. Young (originally published in 1955) follows Evelyn and her best friend, the naive and intelligent Susan, as they con their way through a rowdy and ultimately tragic twenty-four hours. By the end of that day, Evelyn has chosen her path-right or wrong.
Author Bio
Miriam Colwell was born in Prospect Harbor in 1917 and still lives in the house built by her great-great-great grandfather in 1817. Colwell also wrote Wind off the Water (1945), Day of the Trumpet (1947), and Contentment Cove (2006). Those novels earned her attention at the time and prompted The Puckerbrush Review to write, Everyone who wants to get acquainted with the whole body of Maine literature in the twentieth century should read Miriam Colwell.