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Beside the Still Waters v. 2

392 pages
Vision Publishers Llc
This is a 366 day devotional book. The pieces found in this book were selected from the fourth, fifth, and sixth years of the bi-monthly devotionals distributed free throughout the United States by Still Waters Ministry of Clarkson Kentucky. These readings are as diverse as the men who wrote them. Few books will possess so many different challenges because few books have so many authors that hold your attention. There is a theme verse for each day and a short Bible reading at the end of each days reading. By following the Bible reading schedule at the bottom of each reading, you will read through the Bible in one year. At the back of the book are the contributor's index, a Scripture index, and a subject index. These serve to enlarge the usefulness of the book.
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There are over 180 male authors of these readings from many walks of life.